Focuses on materials to get a better understanding of what's in them and the effect those components have on human health and the environment


Takes a more performance-based approach to indoor environmental quality to ensure improved occupant comfort


Brings the benefits of smart grid thinking to the forefront with a credit that rewards projects for participating in demand response programs


Provides a clearer picture of water efficiency by evaluating total building water use



With a capacity of 5.3 million lbs/month, our spinning facility is proficient in running a versatile range of fiber blends.

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State-of-the-art Mercerizing, Coating, Calendaring and Finishing machines that are running on a monthly capacity of 5.8 million/meters.

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Minute based laundry planning and control. Only company in Bangladesh to use IE in dry and wet processing allowing better capacity management and maximum efficiency.

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Company Milestone

To develop long-term relationship with its partners (customers & suppliers) and workforce.To provide a safe, friendly, family like environment for the work force.

To Motivate, train and develop the workforce. To continuously improve company’s performance by learning & implementing new system, method & technology.

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Quality Focus

All the productions are done in-house including decorations such as welding, laser cutting, embroidery and screen printing. This allows us to control and sustain the quality standard of each product.

Responsive Services

With the new ERP system (Infor Cloudsuite Industrial), we are able to provide responsive services to our customers and suppliers

Short Lead Time

Our production lead time is 15 days from the date materials are in-house.

Flexible Production

We can handle variety of fabrics from knit to woven to fleece to softshell with technical features.

CEO Message

Trendy Outerwear aspires to become world class designer and manufacturer of Sportswear and Outerwear. The company has facilities in Bangladesh , employing around 3,000 team members. Entering our fourth decade , we endeavor to combine the 4 M’s of production, Man, Material, Method and Machine effectively and efficiently.

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Green Initiatives

We believe that energy consumption efficiency is a major factor towards sustainable growth.

Tracking our Output

Our system allows us to live track our power output at any time, from the example from the left you can see the power generated from our solar installations.