Trendy Outerwear Ltd.

A brand new woven factory, specialized in  making a wide range of outerwear like Jackets and Bottoms and run by highly experienced and skilled workforce has already set off its journey.  As part of its commitment towards environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR) the factory has already registered with LEED USGBC USA and BSCI to be certified as green & socially and ethically complaint. The Factory having 96,600 sq.ft building has materialized all measures to meet the nine requirements of LEED such as Integrative Process (IP),

Location and Transportation (LT), Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), Energy and Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources(MR), Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), Innovation in Design (ID) and Priority (RP).

Trendy Outerwear Ltd firmly believes in applying the highest ethical standards for human rights, labor and environmental practices. We understand that our manufacturing unit should not stand apart from the country in which they operate and that their activities and conduct should be a source of positive influence. As a manufacturer we recognize that, by treating our employees with respect and allowing them to operate in working conditions that are clean and safe with a fair days wage, will make a difference in increasing productivity, reducing risk and improving quality of product. In turn this will also lead to increased customer confidence.